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We are a global finance boutique founded in 2003 as JP Capital Investments Ltd., with 14 years’ market experience advising HNWI and institutions from simple offshore incorporations, asset protection solutions to complex cross-border financial transactions and stock exchange listings.

Based in major financial hubs on three continents, we have advised on and completed transactions in excess of US$ 1Billion.

Specialists in Financial Advice and Asset Protection

Our expertise lies in providing unique, tailor-made investment solutions with a vision for the future. Our focus is on wealth generation and preservation for our clients as a primary objective.

We are advising across a broad range of asset classes, from residential and commercial property to technology, oil and gas and intelligent, sustainable agricultural land investment solutions.

As part of the expansion of our global advisory activities, our new sister company, JP ADVISORY LTD, will closely work with our Eastern European, African and Middle-Eastern institutional and private client base.

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About JP Capital
We provide unique, tailor-made investment solutions with a vision for the future and a focus on wealth generation and preservation.
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Asset Protection
We offer a wide range of offshore corporate and investment banking services to protect your wealth for the future.
Financial Advice
We will design and implement a strategic plan with a vision for the future and a focus on wealth generation and preservation.
Investment Opportunities
We are always on the lookout for the best investment opportunities and have some excellent options to suit each individual

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“JP CAPITAL has provided our family with first-class advice on arranging our personal trust affairs across 4 countries. Their knowledge of tax and finance solutions are unparalleled and I highly recommend their services.”

“Unbiased, frank and open advice you no longer receive from mainstream consulting firms, too scared to provide you with creative tax and finance solutions offshore.”

“JP Capital has a neutral approach to niche investments and has been able to assist us with selecting both high-risk/high-return opportunities, as well as tax-free property investment schemes in attractive offshore locations. My Bahamas residency was expedited efficiently and their professional contacts on the highest private and Government levels are impressive.”

"Diversification, caution and no margin debt are the keys to investing. Today, the only way to truly diversify is to go offshore"

Roger W. Babson (1875 – 1967)

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